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Few Fashion Tips For Real Women

04.26.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

When you look at magazine covers or advertisements, you see similar looking women. All the models and actresses are the same size, the same shape, and you sometimes wonder how they are supposed to reflect the average woman. nnThe average woman has different shapes and sizes ranging from women who have curves, to those who are skinny. Women range in height, and not all of them are super tall like all the models. While it is obvious that the fashion industry opts to select the women that they feel reflect a shape women should be like, they do not understand that viewing the latest fashions on these bodies does not in any way help us understand how it would look like on us. nnHere are some ideas that can help you comply with the today trends in your dress.nn1. HeelsnnHigh heels are back in trend. The fashion shows for the spring lines were loaded with laughably high heels that caused models falling all over the place. While no one is advising you get an eight-inch heel, it is though, suggested that you get one superb black and one remarkable **** heel that conforms to your size well and looks excellent on you. If you are tall, you can choose something in the 3 or 4-inch range, and if you are short stature, you can opt for as much high size as you are comfortable with. If you are putting on a skirt, putting on a **** heel will at once give your legs a slimmer appearance. nn2. Skinny Jeans:nnEveryone is talking about them; and wants to be the one to try them on first. There is a simple rule for these, if you have the right legs, flaunt them. Women who have toned legs should feel no fear in trying on a pair, also, women who have skinny but athletic legs should be comfortable with these. The only reason you should not wear these is if you have excess fat on your legs which are likely to jiggle as you walk. nn3. Accessories:nnAppropriate add-ons can be worn to highlight your best features, and divert attention from the ones that are not so impressive. If you have a slimmer waist, use a belt to highlight this. If you have a prominent neck, you can use necklaces to highlight your neckline. nn4. Jackets:nnJackets can be very useful in hiding bulgy parts of your body and bringing a whole outfit together. If you want a really small waist, you should get a jacket that will make your shoulders look wider, and in contrast your waist will look even tinier in comparison.nn5. Necklines:nnIf you have an attractive cleavage, wear a deep V neck or a halter shirt to expose it. You can also amongst a variety of necklines that are on the spring lines and check out which ones suit your features the best. nn6. Silhouettes:nnIf you have a full figure, opt for dresses that don’t make you look even bigger by being very airy. Instead, go for ones that really cling to your body in the right places (like your bust line), and then flare out to give the illusion of a smaller waist. If you are tiny, try to add bulk to your body by wearing loose clothes.

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