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Fat Al Gore Loses More Ground

04.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

One of Fat Al’s biggest supporters sued her Manhattan cooperative because they aren’t digging her plan to expand her modest 6000 square foot apartment to 12,000 square feet by buying the unit next door. Now the Material Girl’s modenn NY pad is about three times the size of my modest pad and contains a gym and a hair salon. She didn’t give any word on what she would put in the newly acquired space, but we know it won’t be a library. nnUnless of course it’s full of her own literary masterpieces. And a coffee table book or two. nnShe probably needs the space for special Kaballah water and red string, the two things no credible spiritualist can be without these days. We know she won’t be wasting any space for a big screen TV or a corner for a Christmas tree. The Material Girl doesn’t let her kids watch TV because it retards brain development, a sort of look down the long crooked nose at her fans. And of course, since she and her husband stopped celebrating Christmas it has become imbued with much more meaning. nnProbably she’s not aware what a half a billion dollars can do, aside from shopping of course. Money like that can make your daily normal day a Christmas every day. nnMaybe if she gave up shopping every day we could believe there was something inside that empty head. nnAnd by the way, there’s a penthouse for sale for $34 million by the Trumpster, no need for renovations and with excellent security I heard.nnSpeaking of which, no matter how big or tiny your house is, security is important.nnSo protect your things in any way you can.

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