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Fashion Consultation Reveals That Clothes Really Do Make The Man

09.12.2009 · Posted in Shopping and Fashion

A wise man by the name of Mark Twain once said, Clothes make the man. ***** people have little or no influence on society. Without clothing how will anyone know if you are the CEO or the intern? Throughout history, clothing has been an indication of identity, social status, and professional classification. nnIn ancient Rome, senators had to wear a white tunic with a wide stripe of Tyrian purple on their right shoulder and maroon closed shoes. This was to publicize their role in society and declare their occupation amongst their peers. While history provides a uniformed perspective that communicates the importance of image, todays society still communicates the same message. Clergyman, soldiers, fireman, Wall Street executives, doctors, and even school children are identified by their wardrobe. One can only conclude that clothes make the man. In todays society, people can just as easily indentify your social or professional stature by the clothes you wear and the fashionable image your project. Although hard to admit, society is constantly judging ones performance through first impressions. nnYour image speaks volumes when no words are being said. It is important to ask yourself, What does my image say about me? Seeking the help of an image consultant can help you to identify a personal image that represents your lifestyle, social activities, and personality. In order to communicate a confident image, one should consider several components. Dressing for the job you have or the career you aspire to have is just one aspect. Clothing should also be an expression of your inner self or personality. There is a fine line when merging the two so be careful to express yourself in a way that is subtle and not distracting. nnAn image consultant can help you merge your personality and lifestyle into an assertive statement that communicates a positive message. Image is everything and in order to make a lasting first impression, your image consultant should consider the following things: nn Style – is very important. It is not what you wear, but how you wear it! Being stylish sends the message that you are assertive and pay attention to details. A stylish dresser tells the world that you are put together and care about presentation. This could play a substantial role in both a personal and professional environment. Your personal style should be an extension of the environment around you and incorporate individual taste. You should never try to hard or dress in a way that concludes you are trendy. Sending the message that you are aware of current trends keeps your image relevant but trying too hard just says you are desperate for attention. An image consultant can help you find a happy medium. nn Color – is even more important. A good image consultant will provide you with a skin tone and color analysis. This will help you better understand what colors work best for your natural skin tones. Wearing the wrong color can make you appear pale and will emphasize wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Wearing the right color will keep you looking refreshed and alert by reviving the natural undertones in your skin. Color also plays an important role in your wardrobe because it communicates a language on its own. For example, pink is commonly associated as a feminine color while blue is considered the masculine counterpart. Color coordinating outfits can make or break you. Everyones coloring must be taken into account when choosing a wardrobe. An image consultant can help you better understand the role that color plays in your wardrobe.nn Fashion – is interchangeable. Sometimes the fashion choices you make are not necessarily the best selections for your body. You should always dress according to what looks good on you. When you find yourself admiring someone elses outfit, its because it looks good on them! This does not mean it will look good you. Certain fashion items are made to flatter specific figures. Dress for your body structure and choose fashionable items that will flatter your figure. An image consultant will help you understand what body type you have and how to wear fashionable items that look good on you! You will learn how to maximize your assets while downplaying unflattering areas! nn Size & Fit – are the final component of garment selection. Many people are determined to wear clothes that are too big or too small. There are certain rules to judge the true fit of a garment. Many people get caught up in the overall size. They dont like to admit that they need a size bigger. The bottom line is that the number doesnt matter. A garment should fit in every aspect including: pant length, sleeve length, waist size, bust size, and inseam. You can have a stylish outfit, but it will look ridiculous if it doesnt fit you properly. Sometimes seeking the help of an image consultant will help you to determine what styles and sizes are most flattering for your figure. An image consultant can help determine if a garment is worth the investment by offering alteration advice. For example, a garment may be the perfect style and color but the sleeves are too long. An image consultant can decide if making alterations is beneficial to the garment fit and to your investment. Many image consultants are designers and can perform minor alterations themselves.

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