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Facebook Business Tips

03.30.2012 · Posted in Communication Articles

The new face of your fan page: Timeline!br>From april 2012 on facebook you can no longer set a tab as a default landing page. But you can do multiple things to improve your facebook fan page. Use a big cover image. Use the unique urls of apps to direct people immediately to the app from facebook pages outside of Facebook as well as posts, status updates within Facebook. Use the apps for call to actions and to engage your fans. Create a custom thumbnail for your facebook apps.
You can create milestones for current or past dates. This is a great way to highlight key events such as product launches, new partnerships or a new business achievement.
The image sizes are a littlebit confusing so I write it down clearly for you:

  • Cover photo: 851 x 315
  • Profile picture: 180 x 180
  • Thumbnail image for apps: 111 x 74
  • Highlighted & milestone images: 843 x 403
  • Images within wall posts display as 404 x 404

Life after like
The most important question for a business facebook page is, will the new fan ever come back after pushing your like button? The businesses focusing on the number of likes. But I realized that after somebody like a page, the visitor never come back again to that page. But I think a facebook like can be the first step of a new relationship. You should have a plan with realistic goals and objectives how can you reach the next level of popularity. Of course, this is not an overnight method.
Avoid random acts on facebook. Answer this question week after week: What are you going to talk about and to who? Just write down your answer and write it into your calendar. Of course if you know your fans they will understand you. If you don’t know your audience just check out your Facebook Insights and analyze your data.
Communicate unique and relevant messages. What can you offer them that nobody else can offer to your fans? Just because someone clicks your like button, it doesn’t give you authority to spam them. It doesn’t mean they are in love with your brand or anything you have to say for that matter.
If your facebook page not ready do not publish it. Best practice if you wait until you have at least a plan and a foundation for which to build a community. You need to engage your fans right away! If you invite everyone you know and you have no plan ready to execute for engagement and community building then it’s a wasted opportunity.
The worst thing you could do is put the page on auto pilot filled with nothing more than RSS feeds, auto Twitter tweets and Networked blog posts. But don’t be shy to invite your fans to subscribe to the RSS feed for your blog. Give them a reason to join you on another platform.
Advocates and ambassadors
They are very important or vital element of your successful social media strategy. They are persons who actually not follow you on Twitter or like your facebook fan page, but they sometimes make a comment on your blog, share your contents or retweet your messages regularly. Advocates and ambassadors trust you, listen to you and respond to you and they promoting your business in their social media networks for free.
These people are your real superfans. They don’t just like you they fell in love with you. If you’re running a contest on Facebook, the superfans will enter it and tell their friends to do so. If you have got only one superfan, you are doing your business right.
How can you find superfans? Whenever possible meet physically, facet o face with your fans. For example create a fan-only party. You should monitor your social media accounts. Listen your followers conversations and join these conversations. Reply to your fans and be a human.

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