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Facebook is rife with anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists manipulating scared parents

02.12.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
In the case of anti-vaxxer activity on Facebook, "going viral" can be deadly. A new investigation from The Guardian has uncovered how Facebook is a hotbed of anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories. It went inside private Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members to see how anti-vaxxers peddling fake remedies to manipulate worried parents and spread conspiracy theories. And so far, Facebook isn't doing a damn thing about it. Fake anti-vaccine science has resulted in the re-emergence of previously eliminated deadly diseases and subsequent deaths of children. Messaging supporting those fraudulent claims, with no scientific counter-information, flourishes in private and secret groups with thousands of members.  Read more... More about Facebook, Anti Vaccination, World Health Organization, Anti Vaxxer, and Tech
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