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Extravagant car amenities

03.31.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Sure, you want your cars to be different from others but do you really need an air purifier? How about designer leather seats and interiors? Or bejeweled car locks? nnTo those of us who are still chugging around in a bottom-of-the-line economy car, these amenities might seem totally ridiculous. But for others who have the dough, they may opt to splurge on these extravagant car amenities.nnTelevision sets -Mini built-in TVs are becoming more and more common to help backseat babysitters cope with impatient kids. nnOver-the-top sound systems – There’s nothing like turning up the music in the car and rocking out to your favorite song. But for some, this experience needs to be so powerful that factory-installed speakers are simply not enough. We’ve all stopped at a red light next to a car equipped with a trunk full of speakers, exuding deafening bass and blasting music loudly enough to be heard hundreds of feet away in all directions.nnExpensive and unique paint jobs – Every fashion-savvy woman knows that color-coordinating accessories are the key to a great ensemble. And, of course, well-chosen colors can express your personality. The same goes for your car.nnLiquor cabinets – For those who can’t wait until they get to the party to break out the champagne, many luxury cars come complete with coolers for chilling wine.nnMassage and climate-controlled seats – Feeling stressed? Let the chauffeur take the wheel and you can relax in the reclining backseat. Still not relaxed enough? How about a shiatsu massage? This isn’t done by a beautiful Japanese masseuse but a backseat with massage capabilities.nnFor quick and affordable repairs, visit Auto Repair Service Lorain where the service is good and the price is even better.

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