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Ex-Google researcher who quit over Dragonfly publicly takes execs to task

12.01.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles
The chorus is growing.  Jack Poulson, a former Google research scientist, has publicly called out executives at his previous place of employment after resigning in protest over the company's plans to build a censored Chinese search engine. The project, known internally as Dragonfly, has sparked outrage from human rights advocates who argue that it would put dissidents at risk and represent a fundamental compromise of Google's values.   In a detailed examination of what led up to his resignation, published in The Intercept, Poulson takes Alphabet chair John Hennessy to task for shifting the discussion on Dragonfly "from concrete, indefensible details toward the vague language of difficult compromise." Read more... More about Google, China, Dragonfly, Tech, and Big Tech Companies

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