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Ever Wondered How to Cut Sugar from Your Diet?

04.11.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

It is difficult to cut sugar from our diets, in light of the high sugar content in various fast foods or processed food. However, eating too much sugar is dangerous for our health. The likelihood of diabetes is greatly increased when blood sugar levels are constantly high. The problem with diabetes is that it has many other health complications attached with it. Therefore, the following article has been dedicated to exploring how to cut sugar from your diet. nnIt is important to take note of the various healthy food groups. Being aware of the healthy food groups help to make better food choices, even helping to draw up your own healthy snack menu. It is far better to snack on low-sugar, low-fat foods such as fruits or vegetables. nnThe next method to cut sugar from your diet is to have something to substitute sugar. These can be achieved by using food items such as spices. Some examples of spices that will do the trick are ******, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and many more. They can be used individually or as a mixture to give your food a revitalizing flavor. nnA tried and tested method of cutting down on sugar is to use artificial sweeteners. The use of artificial sweeteners has helped in the food and beverage industries, as they are marketed as no-sugar drinks. An interesting fact is that artificial sweeteners can even be used for relishes and pickles, but this is provided you have the right recipe to make it. nnFurthermore, snacking is a habit that unknowingly increases your daily sugar intake as well. Substituting regular chips and dips with toast and sugar-free jam can help to lower sugar intake. Fresh fruits are also good methods of snacking as they are refreshing and healthy too.nnSugary foods tend to have more calories in it than what you need. Eating a lot of them will mean that you might gain weight. There is a higher risk of certain medical conditions such as diabetes when you are overweight, hence try to curb eating too much sugary foods. The right type of food also helps to prevent tooth decay and keeps you healthy.nnSugar reduction in our diets is a necessity as it helps us to maintain our health and emotional well-being. A little bit of sugar is needed in our diets, as the brain relies on glucose as its main source of energy, but too much is a health risk. The risks of getting diabetes, blood pressure problems or health diseases are greatly increased if long term sugar intake is high.nnAnother good tip to help reduce sugar intake is by choosing appropriate serving sizes. Sugary foods such as brownies, ice cream or cakes can be enjoyed in moderate quantities. Certain brands now produce these items in single serves, hence helping people to limit their intake to an acceptable level. For more information, please visit

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