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‘Euphoria’ star Lukas Gage keeps it classy after a director’s insulting Zoom fail

11.21.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles
'Euphoria' star Lukas Gage keeps it classy after a director's insulting Zoom failYou've gotta remember to hit that mute button if you're going to talk trash. (Better yet, maybe just don't talk trash? Especially not this kind of trash.) Lukas Gage, a recurring player on HBO's Euphoria, shared a little clip on Friday from a recent Zoom call in which the unnamed "director" he met with made some unprompted comments about the appearance of Gage's apartment. The only problem? The denigrating comments weren't meant for Gage's ears. He captioned the video "psa if youre a shit talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings," and his actual response in the moment was the height of class. Read more... More about Zoom, Culture, Web Culture, and Celebrities

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