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Ethereum Smart Contract Development | Oodles Technologies

04.15.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Now enter into a world of secure transactions with Oodles Technologies Ethereum Smart Contract Development Services. We are one of a kind leading blockchain development company in India offering progressive Ethereum App Development Services to businesses across the globe. The services our blockchain developers offer help the users create get cutting-edge network which results in faster, efficient, and reliable operation. 

Wish to know how our Blockchain developers can help you? Let’s join hands together!

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts can be defined as computer protocols which execute itself whenever they are exposed to a trigger event or any kind of data input. These contracts also use Escrow service which is primarily meant for providing a fair exchange and are being rightfully used by multiple industries across the globe. Also known as self-executing wills, smart Contracts are powered by the quintessential Blockchain technology that adds a strong layer of security and transparency to the transactions.

Benefits of Smart Contacts : 

  1. Automated Coding Offers Error Free Functioning
  2. Automated Monitoring
  3. Data Stays Secure in Tamper-Proof Blocks
  4. Complete Safety through Cryptography
  5. Cost Effective for Businesses
  6. Complete Autonomy, Eliminates the Need for a Third Party
  7. Smart Contract Code Speeds up the Tasks
  8. User’s Documents are Secured  on a Shared Ledger via Encryption
  9. Transparent Record Keeping
  10. Scope for New Models

Industries Utilizing Smart Contact Development Service:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance
  3. Healthcare
  4. Mortgages
  5. Transport and Logistics
  6. Real Estate

Types of Smart Contracts We Develop?

  1. Invoice Smart Contract
  2. Insurance Policy Tokenization
  3. Health Wallets
  4. Digital Certificates
  5. Payment Smart Contract
  6. Automated Claim Settlement
  7. Asset Traceability
  8. E-Warranty

Why Choose Oodles Technologies for Smart Contract Development?  

Oodles Technologies is the most trusted Blockchain development company in India with excellence in building decentralized smart contracts. We have a proficient team of industry-specific blockchain developers with expertise in smart contracts development. Our developers follow a pre-defined methodology and approach that provides private, secure, and low-cost solutions. We also develop an Ethereum blockchain platform that can help in improving the security of your business transactions. With experienced smart contract developers, we offer end-to-end blockchain solutions that can streamline your business objectives and refuel the crypto-based projects. We also have our expertise in cryptocurrency development, blockchain wallet development, and bitcoin exchange platform development and offer superlative solutions at affordable and cost-effective market prices.

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