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Engineering Resume Basics

06.11.2009 · Posted in Career Articles

Writing an engineer resume is not like writing a traditional resume. Engineers are subject to much higher standards and must thus deliver highly professional resumes to prospective employers in order to get interviews. There are a several differences between engineering resume writing and regular resume writing, but once youre aware of them, it shouldnt be hard to prepare your resume. nnAn engineer resume should include a technical qualifications section. This will show the hiring manager what technical skills you have that make you the right candidate for the position. This section should be placed at the top of your resume, right under your contact information, in place of the objective. nnFocus on elements that are relevant. If you have applicable skills that make you more qualified, these need to be pointed out. Use bullet points and bold fonts to emphasize particular qualifications including: hardware/software capabilities, networking, programming and database programming. In the engineering world, these things draw immediate attention to your resume and should be featured prominently.nnUse a Career Summary before your entire employment history. This will allow you to highlight other relevant skills and make your resume stand out. It will also allow the hiring manager to skim your resume and see that you are qualified, and what qualifications you have. Anything that will quickly grab the attention of the hiring manager will make your resume better.nnInclude keywords from the ad. By adding these terms to your resume, you will again catch the attention of the recruiter. They know what theyre looking for and if you show them in their own words, they will be more apt to read your resume. This also shows that you pay attention to detail, which is a good skill to showcase anyway. nnAn engineering resume does not follow a chronological format, unless that is the best way to show your skills. Usually, an engineer resume follows a functional format. This means that you list the most relevant skills and accomplishments first and follow with the less important information. While both format work, the chronological format isnt the best. Ultimately, your resume needs to be written in a way that will best convey your qualifications to do the job at hand. nnWriting an engineering resume isnt too complicated. If you keep these things in mind, it should be simple. Also, there are plenty of sample resumes available for free, if youd like to see how an engineer resume look like. nnIf you have tried and failed at engineering resume writing, you might want to consider looking into a professional engineering resume writing service. They have more experience than you and are aware of the latest hiring guidelines.

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