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Employer Will Not Hire Epileptics

04.16.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

If the main obstacle to the work, and you are comfortable and safe operation, there are other issues about how you are part of measures to encourage, rather than just the girls’ work and the upper limit of their skills.nnSome of the most recent survey of work in people with epilepsy have suggested that unemployment is not a major problem is that thinking about time, but discrimination in employment is a serious problem, which can cause under the limited employment and career development. Continu ten cramps may also be difficult to hold a job. Another serious problem is the lack of skills – as history shows, Vicky, maybe not always mean the ability of academic or other qualifications, but perhaps the craft and a note, getting the work you want. Here’s expert advice and service work can make a difference, including short-and career-planning with practical advice on self-presentation and communication, as well as emotional supportnnDealing with the employer’s objections While many employers are only too anxious to politically correct and fair in their approach, some objections that are either openly expressed as, or more underground. The latter is difficult to treat, but this is why the adoption of an open positive approach from the beginning can be helpful.nn”I do not know anything epilepsy, so I feel justified that you have.” This is obviously lazy, and it can be treated with a quick skim through the at least one of the brochures provided by epilepsy self-help organizations.nn”I will not, because I’m not in nursing or other trained medical personnel. This is unjust and can not be in the context of the Doha Development Agenda. There is no need for medical personnel and first aid anyway, most companies should have at least one person with basic first aid skills.nn”They will take some time after Seizures / doctor for the appointment. The agreement on an individual needs basis. When you say you need a short rest after seizures, or have any special needs, it is only fair to say, but it can be negotiated. It may also be worth pointing out that smokers in the sample average of four minutes of work for each cigarette!nn”You alarm, when your colleagues have had seizures in their business.” Also, the provision of information to colleagues can be very useful in eliminating this condition – the lack of information and awareness is often what is behind the fear and damage.nn”You can not achieve what I want because of epilepsy and people have to excuse or for you.” This is the assessment you in advance. In fact, surveys have shown that people with epilepsy tend to be harder, better, more honest, and less

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