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‘Empire of Sin’ brings together a bunch of big ideas for a Prohibition-era gangster game

07.03.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Al Capone wasn't always a mythic antihero of American gangland folklore. The real Alphonse Gabriel Capone was a bright, young man from Brooklyn who came up in local small-time gangs before making his move to Chicago, at age 20. Six years later, he was a crime boss. But what happened during those years? Empire of Sin lets you write that story yourself. The upcoming tactics and strategy title for Nintendo Switch from Romero Games doesn't just focus on Capone, mind you. There's a whole group of real and fictional early 20th century mobsters to choose from. Whomever you choose, you start out in 1920 Chicago and your goal is to own the city by the end of the decade. Read more... More about E3 2019, Empire Of Sin, Brenda Romero, Entertainment, and Gaming

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