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Electroceramics Market : Key Stakeholders, Market Dynamics & Competitive Landscape Forecast by 2024

08.06.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

In this report, the electroceramics market is segmented on basis of type, material, application, and region. On the basis of type, the market is categorized into dielectric ceramics, conductive ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic ceramics, and others (fast ion and ferroelectric ceramics). Among these, dielectric ceramics accounted for the largest market share during the historical period, owing to their adoption in consumer and industrial devices and components.

Globally, the APAC electroceramics market is expected to witness the fastest revenue growth, demonstrating a CAGR of 7.1%, during the forecast period. This is attributable to high-volume demand for these ceramics in consumer electronics and automotive manufacturing industries in the region. Furthermore, growth in other end-use industries such as medical are also expected to warrant adoption of these ceramics, thereby driving the growth of the market, during the forecast period.

Based on material, the electroceramics market is classified into titanate, zirconate, alumina, and others (silicate, niobite, and stannate). Alumina-based electroceramics accounted for the largest revenue share of over 40% in 2017. This is attributable to traditionally favorability of the products, owing to high hardness, substantial wear and heat resistance, better thermal conductivity, and high electrical insulation at high temperature ranges.

Countries such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, and Taiwan are the regional hubs for the production of different consumer electronic products. Large industrial bases for the production of information and communications technology (ICT) goods in the region, particularly in China, meet the demand for electronic products throughout the world. Furthermore, the large-scale production of ICT goods involves the production of electronic components, consumer electronics, communication equipment, and computers and peripheral equipment. Capacitors and data storage devices form a critical component of the aforementioned goods. Since, ceramics are widely used in the production of capacitors and data storage devices, the electroceramics market in the region will continue to grow at a significant pace in the near future.

Some of the major players operating in the global electroceramics market are Kyocera Corporation, CoorsTek Inc., CeramTec GmbH, Morgan Advanced Materials plc, Maruwa Co. Ltd., APC International Ltd., PI Ceramic GmbH, Sensor Technology Limited, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., and Central Electronics Limited.

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