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Effective Mold Remediation in Mentor OH

11.30.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family or a place to have a relaxed lifestyle with all the conveniences and amenities just within reach, there is a city just right for you. Aside from affordability, you wouldn’t believe the endless recreational activities waiting for you there.rnrnMentor is the city that you can consider. It is in Lake County and known as the home to the longest natural beach on Lake Erie, the Headlands Beach State Park. Aside from the golf course, nature preserves, ice arena and even bird watching opportunities, there is perfect balance of serenity, vibrancy and convenience in this city. That is why it was included in the list of best places to live in America.rnrnIf you decide to relocate or stay for good in Mentor, you must take into consideration the need for seasonal home maintenance since the state experiences very warm summers and very cold winters. If you neglect routine home inspection, then it wouldn’t take long for you to experience water problems at the least.rnrnWater leaks or moisture problem can bring in secondary problems as well. Mold growth is common and can happen fast. By the time you notice the spill or pipe leaks, mold buildup may have already started since it only takes 48 hours for the spores to propagate in a moist environment.rnrnMold remediation in Mentor OH must be done immediately. If the mold buildup covers only a small area, you can perform the cleanup yourself. Buy an N-95 respirator, goggles and gloves. You need these things to prevent inhaling the spores and end up irritating your eyes, ear, nose and throat. If you have asthma, do not attempt mold cleanup because it may trigger an attack especially when your protective gear is ill-fitting.rnrnScrub the affected area using water and detergent then dry it thoroughly. Mold removal must be done after fixing the water problem. If you just remove the mold growth and not fix the real source of the problem, it will just recur and may even get worse.rnrnIf the affected area is big, you can hire a contractor to do the cleanup for you. Before doing so, make sure that they have the equipment and training to do so. Usually, professionals isolate the area and treat them with certain chemicals. When the mold growth has affected household items, restoration must be done sooner. For things that can’t be cleaned onsite, putting them in plastic bags and sealing it right after is the best way of preventing further damage.rnrnMold remediation in Mentor OH should not stop at simply removing the buildup but should also include identifying and resolving other problems that have occurred due to water problems. Whether the culprit is the HVAC system or sewage backup, either situation must be carefully and effectively handled as well.rnrnTo check if mold removal was successful, revisit the place after every few days and see if there are signs of new growth. You must also observe if the occupants are still experiencing nose, eye and other respiratory irritation. Thorough inspection of the home must be done too to prevent future water problems.

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