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Effectively Dealing with Sensory Integration Dysfunction

02.24.2012 · Posted in Health Articles

Childhood professionals deal with a complex variety of issues every day such as sensory integration dysfunction, ADHD, and similar challenges. In their quest to provide the most effective tools and techniques to help children reach their full potential in life, it can be confusing about which methods are best.rnFortunately, LifeSkills4Kids has done much of the research and homework on a variety of tools and strategies to support childhood professionals and parents when teaching children. Some of the most effective tools are the SticKids, Alert program, and weighted therapy resources.rnBut what makes these tools so effective and why should childhood professionals or parents utilize them in their care plans?rnSticKids and Alert Program valuernFirst of all, the SticKids and Alert Programs are evidence based resources that help parents and teachers understand the basic concepts of sensory processing. It only by understands the neurological basis which drives behavior that we can begin to help and teach children. These tools are proven to help teach successful self-regulation skills which are fundamental to a child

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