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Edinburgh Stag Night – Information for Going on a Action Filled Stag Do in Edinburgh

04.14.2009 · Posted in Destinations Articles

Edinburgh – experiences to do by DayrnrnEdinburgh has long had a reputation for being the capital city for entertainment, north of the border. Possibly it is the hard-drinking, difficult living reputation that the Scots cultivate, but a stag party in Edinburgh undoubtedly gets everyone enthused. So, how to fill those precious 48 hours?rnrnTake a look around the medieval Castle; survive the white water rapids on the River Tay; climb Arthur’s Seat which is the remains of an extinct volcano or spend the daytime on the beach – the choice is yours, boys!rnrnFirst you have to learn the centre of Edinburgh by day. It is a small city to explore. The really ancient part beneath the 9th century Castle has tourist shops, museums and such-like. The underground vaults are superb if you wish to do something different. The peasant housing of the original city was gradually jam-packed in and founded over. Lately the area has been excavated and you can go below the Royal Mile and explore the cramped passageways and tiny rooms of 16th century Edinburgh life. If you are in the city around 1pm, listen for the One O’clock Gun. This boom was originally a cannon which was fired each day at 1pm for townsfolk to set their clocks by. The tradition continues today, but with a gun.rnrnScotch whisky tasting is another superb activity which is best done north of the border. Get the entire stag party together and take a guided tour of one of the distilleries. The tours are interesting and you get to see how the amber nectar is made. At the end of the tour there is a whisky tasting. Great for those who are just emerging from a hangover! don’t worry, there’s always someone in the staff who will take a free try off your hands.rnrnShopping sounds a bit tame for a staff of fellas on a ******, but the Ocean Terminal Mall is superb. It is right on the waterfront and has over 70 shops and a cinema. If the conditions is bad, take the stag party indoors and learn the latest box workplace hit.rnrnrnEdinburgh – experiences to do at NightrnrnThere are more pubs and bars per square mile in Edinburgh than almost any other city. Rose street and Grassmarket are two areas to head for to enjoy the stag party. Look for ‘Walkabout,’ an Australian theme pub with 2 energetic bars. Acanthus has a good ale garden and selected comedy nights, or just look out for the liveliest looking pub to suit your needs. They all serve superb pub food. Attempt the haggis for an genuine Scottish dinner. Belushi’s Bar always has a energetic gathering atmosphere. Check out the live webcam at the Bar and don’t forget to wave to all your mates back home.rnrnFor a assured successful stag party, let design the evening. Lap dancing, comedy clubs, restaurants and guided pub crawls are all on the strategy. rnrnrnTop TipsrnrnCollect a Scottish banknote with a picture of Edinburgh Castle on it. It makes a good souvenir!rnrnBest times to get down to Edinburgh are at Hogmanay (New Year) and in August when the Edinburgh Arts Festival is on. Comedy clubs, plays, bands and shows are at every venue. They provide good entertainment value for a stag party. rnrnDon’t forget – Scotch is a drink; Scottish is an adjective.

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