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Eco friendly woodburning stoves

11.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

You may be surprised to learn that a wood burning heater is carbon neutral? You are not alone, the fact is wood is a carbon neutral fuel. This is because it absorbs just as much carbon dioxide in its growth as it releases when it is burnt. So it’s a eco friendly way to keep warm.nnBurning wood is suitable for many households all you need is a chimney. So if you have a working chimney you should be able to get all the benefits of burning wood or other similar solid fuels. In a typical single room installation it could save up to 10% – 30% on your heating costs if you use natural gas or oil, and plenty more if you use expensive electricity.nnThey look great too! A woodburning heater will become the focal point of the room and with so many wood burners to choose there is a burner to suit all tastes and sizes. In addition to looking good nothing beats the feeling of a real fire.nnRegarding regulations, you must always make sure any woodburner you choose is installed by a registered installer not only will this result in a more efficient fuel burn, it is of course safer .nnSpeak to your local council who will be able to advise you if you are in a smoke free area. Many councils have a smoke free policy so woodburning may not be an option for you. If in doubt ask.nnFuel So what can you burn on a wood-burner. Well, logs are the most common form of fuel at the moment and these can usually be supplied from local sources. It is most important that they are dry and well seasoned – if they’re not you should store them for at least a year. And if you are burning “pure” wood the chimney needs sweeping twice a year.nnSawmills can be an excellent fuel source so checkout and see if you have a local business or sawmill this could save you a packet. Even wood offcuts are carbon neutral.nnHome made Heat logs made for wood pulp or waste paper are also another alternative. They are made form waste paper and sawdust and bound together into log shapes with an inflammable substance that makes them easy to light. But they tale time to create and could prove more expensive.nnThere are other options, too, such as briquettes. The route you choose should obviously suit you pocket and the world around you.

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