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Easy last-minute gifts for when you have more money than time

11.20.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Gift giving can be a beautiful and fulfilling process. When else do you put so much specific thought into the interests and needs of your loved ones? And nailing a gift can conjure a warm-and-fuzzy feeling inside that outweighs the joy of receiving one However, picking out the right pressie can also be a huge point of stress – especially when it’s for someone you feel obliged to give a gift to, but are stumped about what to get (think in-laws, or that neighbour who watered your plants in August) When you’re swimming in work- or life-related stresses already (and who isn’t this time of year?) it can be worth just throwing a few extra bucks at the problem to save yourself any more angst. Sometimes you just need a gift that’s really nice, and will meet the obligation, so you can put the extra time and energy into buying those gifts that need to be personal and perfect. Read more... More about Supported, Gift Ideas, Gift Guide, Brand X, and Watercooler

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