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Early Detection Makes Mold Remediation in Fleming Island FL Easier

11.10.2011 · Posted in Home Improvement Articles

Fleming Island in Clay County is not spared from water damage Florida incidents which often result to mold problems. In fact, it doesn’t take a flooding situation or an entire winter season for molds to appear and multiply since they are practically everywhere and can thrive on almost any surface. They can grow in tremendous proportion and cause us harm before we can even recognize their existence.rnrnMold remediation is a complicated task, no doubt about it. But this is not impossible to accomplish and if we know how to detect them in their early stages, the task becomes a lot easier. By harmful molds we mean the toxic black variety that scientists refer to as Stachybotrys chartarum. Note that some molds are actually important in maintaining ecological balance but in increased levels they can be detrimental to people’s health and cause damages to properties.rnrnDetermining mold presence is possible even without seeing the molds first. You can do this by taking note of your health condition. For instance, difficulty in breathing and memory loss can be indications that dangerous black molds exist. Molds can aggravate existing allergies and illnesses like sinusitis and asthma too and you may notice frequent coughing, running nose, eye irritations, skin rash and itching among others.rnrnPeople react differently to molds so it is likely that you don’t feel anything wrong but another household member exhibits mild to serious reactions. But even if everyone’s health doesn’t seem affected by molds at this point, there’s no telling if it won’t in the future when mold level increases. Besides, your home structure and properties will not only look filthy and hideous but can also get seriously damaged with molds all over.rnrnAside from doing a quick health assessment, you can use your sense of smell. Follow where the smell leads you and you are sure to find a mold colony. This smell is often present after a water damage Florida occurrence. Some molds, though, do not have a strong smell but are still dangerous. So don’t conclude that no musty smell equals zero mold growth in the same way that no reaction can still mean danger in mold growth.rnrnAdditionally, molds can be inconspicuous when they grow in nooks and crannies or in barely visited areas of your home like basements and attics. Check areas that are usually damp or frequently exposed to moisture. Ceilings and insides of walls are said to be the favorite breeding grounds of molds but of course, you may not be able to thoroughly inspect such areas. This is why most molds stay hidden and are very difficult for ordinary homeowners to find.rnrnYou need to seek help from a mold removal expert if you suspect mold growth but can’t figure out where they are building a colony. Keep in mind that most mold situations require the expertise of professionals especially if you don’t know the extent of the problem. Molds also have the tendency to grow back if the source of the problem, such as moisture, is not fixed. Call your mold or water damage Florida contractor immediately so assessment can be made and mold remediation can begin right away.

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