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Dyson Airwrap review: Fancy curls for an even fancier price

12.13.2018 · Posted in Beauty Articles, Technology Articles
Dyson Airwrap
$499.99 (starting)
The Good
Pretty • uniform curls • Protects your hair • Fast and easy to use • The straightening brush was a revelation
The Bad
Multiple times more expensive than everything else on the market • Price • The whole kit is huge • Did we mention the price?
The Bottom Line
If you frequently straighten, curl, or style your hair, the Dyson Airwrap's quickness, versatility, and heat protection could be worth the obscene price. But if you're only an occasional styler, save that hard-earned cash.
Mashable Score3.5
Cool Factor5.0
Learning Curve3.0
Bang for the Buck2.0
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