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DUI Lawyer: A Sober Assessment

03.14.2006 · Posted in Legal Articles

Anyone pulled over and arrested on a DUI (***** driving) charge is certainly facing a serious offence and a marked record for ten years. Each year in the USA almost half-a-million people are injured as a result of DUI-related highway accidents. Perhaps, then, with the inevitable sequence of events running through your mind: loss of driving licence, vehicle impoundment, fines and local incarceration, you might be forgiven for thinking

Ask a DUI lawyer, though, and you’ll hear less about facing up to the inevitable consequences of your action, and much more about acting to protect your rights. Never afraid to make a drama out of a crisis, you will be strongly advised that inaction is simply not a viable option. Blighted by a DUI conviction record, and with your personal life in ruins, the last thing you want to be thinking is DUI=QED. In the doom-laden scenario now presented to you, fail to hire a DUI lawyer and you’ll find DUI=RIP.

Let’s introduce a little more light and less heat into the proceedings, and, hopefully, arrive at some judgement about when to engage the services of a DUI lawyer. This question can be looked at in two ways. You can either be broadly supportive of the DUI process, but feel you are the victim of an injustice owing to exceptional circumstances or procedural irregularities. Or you might be less sanguine about the entire DUI process, and feel a victim of a law which criminalises

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