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Drive with Water

09.30.2008 · Posted in Cars Articles

Water for your carrnrnThe Waternogas system that has become so popular in recent times is proving to be a highly efficient way of not only reducing your own personal gas expenses, but it is helping to create a cleaner and safer place for your kids to grow up by eliminating pollution. This technology is very simple and straightforward and it is amazing that using water to fuel your car or truck was not used earlier. Water is just as powerful as gas and the only side effect is releasing oxygen into the atmosphere instead of carbon dioxide. rnrnYou can increase your mileage by getting this system and the official site is even offering you a business idea so that you can help to spread the news and make some money for yourself as well. Driving a water hybrid car is brilliant and it also helps your car to run faster and better. The water ensure that the engine and parts like the pistons and valves remain clean and the water helps to make the combustion cycle of the engine smooth and quiet. rnrnThis Waternogas system is nothing too technical or difficult to do. It is something you can do very easily and make money from teaching others how to do it. You will get all of the details and instructions from the manual and you will see that there is nothing advanced about it at all. It is simply converting your engine to run off compressed water. This water when compressed coverts into HHO hydrogen based water. This means that your engine will use combustible hydrogen to run and it will have the chemical stability of water, making it extremely safe and effective. The system is also known as hydrogen on demand because unlike manufactured hydrogen which is dangerous and stored in tanks, this version is only produced when needed by your car to run. It is expelled and used up without causing any damage or danger. rnrnMost people who have already purchased the device and guide have commended it for the smell. There is no longer a horrible smell that comes out of the exhaust and a lot of people also mention how quietly and smoothly the car runs. You will also find that trucks that could not pull certain heavy load up hills, can do it now with ease, as the clean water creates a more efficient and powerful vehicle. rnrnIt works just with a small quart size bottle that is filled with distilled water and a little bit of baking soda. The mixture is then pressurized to make HHO. You don

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