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Drilling Rigs : Information

05.06.2009 · Posted in Science Articles

An oil drilling rig on land would seem to be far more easier to make then one on the water. However every oil drilling rig has the elements to work with. With the complexity of the building a rig, there are many hurdled . The environment and the remoteness of the sites are a big factor . Drilling rigs at one point were semi-permanent. The structures were made on location and were not removed when the well was drilled. Modern drilling rigs are custom-made and are movable. Once the well is completed the rig will be moved to a new location. It can take weeks to move an oil rig as they have to be taken apart and transported.Drilling rigs There is a lot of time spent moving a rig. But it cost less than making a new one.rnrnA drilling rig is used to drill holes for oil. Drilling rigs need to cut holes or tubes into the earth. Then oilfield equipment is used to extract the oil. Today’s oil drilling rigs is very technical and complex. The higher the price of oil the more complex the equipment is to recover it. Deeper oil wells are dug requiring specialized equipment. More advanced technology is required to reach the oil. Having an oil rig does not just drilling a hole and a well and pumping out oil. Drilling rigs require housing for the employees and storage for supplies and equipment. There needs to be a way to generate electricity to run the equipment. A place to process the crude oil is useful. There has to be a way to bring workers and equipment in and oil out.rnThe earliest oil rig consisted of bits attached to long poles made of bamboo. The first drill well was in china in 347 AD. The depthy of thi well was around 800 feet. In the 10th century complex bamboo pipelines connected oil wells to salt springs. The oil was used to help create salt. Modern oil rigs consist of huge diamond studded bits that reach deeper than 1200 m below the surface. Often, the hoists in an oil rig on land can support hundreds of thousands of pounds of pipe. Huge pipelines transport oil across vast areas of land. as the demand for oil increases so does the methods to retrieve it.

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