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Do You Know These Secrets To Learn About House Training A Puppy?

09.22.2009 · Posted in Society Articles

Don’t you wish that when you brought your new puppy home they knew how to do “their job” without you having to teach them? Well unfortunately it is up to you as the owner to learn how to house train a puppy as soon as they step into your home. The great thing is that it is a great way to bond with your pup and can be done quickly if you have the patience to do it.nnHouse training a puppy begins by you letting them know what you expect of them. They will never be able to respect you and behave the way that you want them to until you let them know what you expect.nnYou will want to show your puppy that you do not want them doing any type of ****** functions in the house. Do not even place them on the carpet or in the house until they have been given a chance to go out in the yard.nnMake sure that you place them in a part of the yard that you want them to do their ****** functions and let them know that it is their spot. As they become older they will eventually know that this is their spot and they will do all their business without being told.nnOne of the best things that you can do to help house training a puppy a lot quicker is to stand there with her and let them know how happy you are as soon as they finish. In fact you will want to continue taking them to the same exact spot everyday until they understand what it is you expect of them. Keep repeating the process everyday until they go to the spot by themselves.nnIf you notice that they had an accident in the house you want to refrain from punishing them. It is easy to clean up the mess with some cleaning supplies that will take away the smell. Ensure that you clean up their mess very good otherwise you may find them using that same spot again.nnNever get careless and punish your new puppy to where they become scared of you. One of the most important things that you have to remember about house training a puppy is that it is going to take patience for both of you to learn your new habits. Give them time to learn their new habits and stay consistent with your training; eventually they will pick up their new habits.nnStop by and visit our site below to discover some great house training tips that you can use to help them pick up those habits you want them to learn. You do not have to have a difficult time training your new best friend after all they want to do everything that they can do to please you.

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