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Do you Approve Of How This Aged Blacksmith Dealt With His Priceless Purple Clay Teapot?

06.05.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

[I:15:J] This is a real-life story. A poor ironsmith was unexpectedly offered 25,000 US dollars for his small purple clay teapot! But in the end he made a ‘crazy’ decision. Is he crazy or something? Can we ever understand what he really wanted?nnOn an old-fashioned street in China lies a small blacksmith’s shop. The shopkeeper is old and for him, the small shop is also his home. His old products have become increasingly hard to sell, but he’s stuck to his old sales style all the while: no hawking, no bargaining, and no closing at night.nnWhenever you go by his shop, you may notice him lying on a reclining chair. He constantly holds a small radio receiver in his hand, and an old Yixing purple clay teapot sits beside him. The money he earns each day is barely sufficient for his tea and food. He seems too old to need anything else, but he feels so happy and satisfied with this kind of plain life.nnOne day an antique dealer happened to pass through the old street. By chance, he noticed the purple clay teapot beside the old blacksmith. The *** looked old and elegant, and was as dark as ink, which reminded the dealer of a master potter named Dai Zhengong.nnThe merchant could not help coming up to the ironsmith. He took up the teapot, and looked at it carefully. At the base of the spout, he found a small inscription with the name ‘Dai Zhengong.’ The merchant was pleased beyond expectation, for he knew clearly that each of the artist’s works was more valuable than its weight in gold.nnAnd reputedly, only three of Dai’s purple clay teapots were still around: one was in New York, the second in Taiwan, and the third in the hands of a private collector.nnThe dealer offered 100,000 RMB (about USD $14,700) to buy this ***. The old blacksmith got a big surprise when he heard the amount, but in the end he declined. For the *** was passed down in his family, three generations had brewed tea in this ***.nnThe ironsmith suffered insomnia for the first time in his life after the merchant was gone. Over the past sixty years, he had been brewing tea with this purple clay *** day after day. He always thought it was an ordinary teapot, but now it is strange that someone wanted to purchase it at such an incredible price! It was totally beyond his imagination and understanding.nn[I:16:J] Previously, he constantly enjoyed tea without a thought to his ***. But now he sits up to take a look at it now and then. This makes him very uncomfortable. The most unendurable thing to him is that people start pouring in to ask whether or not he has other treasures, and some even want to borrow money from him. And what is more, some push in his door at night. His life is utterly disarranged. He doesn’t know how to deal with this teapot.nnThe dealer paid a second visit to his shop offering 200,000 RMB, and the old blacksmith could not take it anymore. He called in some people from his neighborhood, and in their presence he broke his *** into pieces.nnThese days, the aged ironsmith is over one hundred years old. He is still running his small business.nnA wise philosophy of life: The old smith seems ******, but actually he is a man of great wisdom. At least, he knows that having enough is as good as having a feast. All he has been doing is enjoying his life, rather than being burdened with dispensable things.

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