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Double advantages for the disabled

12.04.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

If you are a salaried or a self-employed individual, then disability in any form is the very last thing that you would want. Disability proscribes the functioning of an individual and also affect his/her career immensely. Considering the restraints that disability imposes on an individual, the civil society offers help to the disabled. Special benefits such as social the disabled. benefits and worker’s compensation are offered to disabled individuals. You can claim either two or both these benefits.nnAs per the United States disability laws, people who get disabled when they are employed are entitled to receive both Social Security Disability Benefits as well as Worker’s Compensation benefits simulta-neously. Since worker’s compensation is different from social security disability, the procedure for claiming the two is also different. The social Security Disability Benefit is at the process for saying the laws for the same are uniform throughout the country. On the other hand, worker’s compensation claims may vary from one state to the other.nnEven though the Employee’s Compensa-tion is a state run program, it is dependent on some basic principles. In a majority of the fifty states, you can claim up to 2 / 3 of your gross [ pre tax ] revenues from your employer. Sometimes the companies run a worker’s compensation insurance plan to address such an eventuality. The money thus comes from insurer’s pocket. Keep in mind though that there is cap on the amount that you can get as compensation in any explicit year. Usually this is selected a case to case basis.nnUnlike worker’s compensation claims that are variable, the benefits of out The US government has laid down clear cut guidelines for the same. Social Security Disability Scheme defines the maximum claims will change from one individual can receive in case of a disability. Also, the types of social security disability are included in this program are well stated.nnIt is vital to note that to avail these benefits, a disabled is mandatory to endure frequent fitness check ups. Likewise the benefits are stopped when the disabled is found healthy and fit fit enough to restart work.nnConsequently if you would like to file for both claims you should get in touch with a Worker’s Compensation lawyer. This is basically to help with the timing issues of claim filing as sometimes, one may impact the other. Generally you would need only one advise to handle both types of claims ; some of the lawyers specialize in either Social Security or Worker’s Compensation claims only, where you may have to engage two and have them coordinate.nnOdd though it may appear, if you engage two independent lawyers to look after these claims, it will be an enhanced deal overall. The lawyer who makes a speciality of one field will serve your needs better than an attorney who has his attention spread everywhere.

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