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Donating Your Car For Autism

02.11.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

Do you know a person suffering with autism and want to help affect the future of autism treatments? One of the best methods is to give money or possessions to autism charities. The impact of autism research will affect future generations.nnWith the need growing everyday with more and more cases of autism, it is highly likely that someone you know will be affected by autism. Donating an automobile makes a world of difference in developing treatments for this horrible condition. nnIf you are tired of looking at your old clunker of a car in the backyard or garage, then consider donating a car. An old car can often be more trouble than it is worth, just to maintain and repair. It can be like throwing money down the drain just to keep up an old car. nnIf you in the market for a new car and want to avoid the hassle of selling or trading your current vehicle? You can now contribute towards research for the one in 166 children now diagnosed with autism by donating your car to the National Autism Association. It’s a hassle-free way to put that clunker to good use, and is tax-deductible as well. nnMany people like donating a car because of the tax write-off and it is a lot easier sometimes to an old car rather than get the cash out of the bank. Especially in this economy. One of the best places to begin is the Autism Society of America nnIf you are hoping to donate a car to any Autism Charity, we advise looking at various charities and finding out for yourself what is the best fit for your charity giving. If possible, find out how much of the charity actually goes to financing autism programs, or if it is being wasted on administration.nnI am pleased to say that the Autism Society of America is effectively working to fund critical research initiatives through their vehicle donation charity. If you decide to donate your car, it will help future generations of autistic kids! nnIf you desire to donate a car, van, trailer, cruiser, etc., or even land, look into giving to autism related charities. When looking at the charitable organization, make sure they are a 501-C3 nonprofit charitable corporation in good standing with the US government.

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