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10.20.2009 · Posted in Pets Articles

If you are looking for simple ways to treat dog arthritis you have a few things to consider. You can treat with dog arthritis medicine or you can treat with home remedies or natural methods. The choice is yours but thank goodness you are concerned enough to treat the problem. Imagine being able to make them more comfortable and reducing their pain.rnrnWHAT IS CANINE ARTHRITIS?rnrnA slow progressive deterioration of joint cartilage that can affect one or more jointsrnrnA disorder that results in a reduced quality of life for our petsrnrnA disorder that increases inflammation of joints and that is painful to our petsrnrnA chronic and painful condition that can develop gradually over timernrnHere is something that you help you make them more comfortable.rnrnTHINGS YOU CAN DO TO HELPrnrnUse elevated steps (dog steps) or dog ramps to make your pets steps easierrnrnUse elevated dog bowls for water and feedrnrnKeep your dog in a warm and dry environmentrnrnSoaking towels in warm water and applying as a heat pack 3-4 times a dayrnrnUse a heated bedrnrnUse a comfort lift carrier/sling under the dog

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