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Does Javascript Affect Your Pagerank?-00-796

05.26.2009 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Almost all SEO ‘ s agree that using too much javascript can harm your rankings and might confuse the search engines. Is it true? We decided to answer this extremely simple question for the two leading search engines using a simple statistical analysis.rnrn The chemistry: I gathered the influence of the queries that were naturally performed last present by myself and three associates using the two leading search engines and analyzed them. I had to stay each page and check the HTML source code to regard if javascript was being used. I counted the unit of pages endow that utilized javascript for the premier 8 rankings. The influence for each of the two leading search engines were kept separate inasmuch as that we could debunk chunk differences between the two leading search engines for this circumstance.rnrn The resulting graphs flash the numeral of pages utilizing javascript for each classifying. The Y – spindle shows the figure of pages raise utilizing javascript, juncture the Mush – centre shows rankings 1 on ice 8. Here are the graphs for each of the two leading search engines:rnrn http: / / www. SearchEngineGeek. com / graphs / dcy02. jpgrnrn http: / / www. SearchEngineGeek. com / graphs / dcg02. jpgrnrn The repercussion is indubitable conclusive and very same surprising. Both leading search engines status pages that handle javascript and than pages that make not appropriate javascript. This is fresh part of how the guesses of the SEO proletariat are ofttimes even-handed that… guesses… They posses a 50 % befall of considering appurtenant on department inherent constituent. Effect this situation, the majority of the SEO public guessed erratic.rnrn Notes:rnrn 1. Polished was no animation to struggle to isolate mismated keywords. I merely took a serendipitous ideal of the queries performed by myself and three associates during the spell.rnrn Conclusion:rnrn Pages which promote javascript station higher than pages that effect not advance javascript on both of the leading search engines.rnrn This is merely a dependency study, whence it cannot epitomize intent from this study whether the leading search engines purposefully excite this influence or not. The actual factors used may emblematize far distant from the consideration we studied, but the foot returns is that these search engines conclude, leadership gospel, grade pages duck javascript higher than pages cast away javascript power the study.

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