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Does Remapping Affect MOT?

Modern vehicles use a smart computer, known as ECU, to run them effectively. This ECU or ‘Engine Control Unit’ manage important functions of an automobile. Important functions like airflow, sensors, fuel injection, etc. are controlled by ECU through software. And by making changes in this software, you can tailor and improve your car’s performance. This process of modifying your vehicle’s computer is called remapping.

Remapping is an effective way to gain more power and control. A large number of vehicle owners are remapping their cars to reap its benefits. But there are some ambiguities and myths related to remapping.

Common Queries Regarding Remapping

People want to know whether or not remapping can improve performance. Is it bad for their vehicles’ engines? More importantly, does remapping have anything to do with MOT? So, we’ve written this article to inform you about remapping.

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Why You Need Remapping?

The original ECU software comes with standard parameters. Manufacturers design software after considering the worst-case scenario. They consider factors like poor servicing, general neglect, and poor fuel quality. This helps the engine runs smoothly but reduces its potential. But the problem is that in the UK this worst-case scenario doesn’t apply.

People take their vehicles for regular servicing and fuel quality is also good. Hence, there’s no harm if your vehicle’s engine performs to its full potential.

How Remapping Helps

As we mentioned earlier, remapping offers you an opportunity to change ECU settings. Thus, you can tailor your vehicle’s setting and allow your engine to work at maximum capacity.

Process of Remapping

On the ECU map, vehicles have two important points. One is idle and the second one is part throttle cruising. The ECU of your vehicle controls all the in-between points in a prearranged pattern. During the remapping process, the pattern of these points is altered.

The process of remapping can help you boost air-fuel ratio, ignition timing, and acceleration. Remapping can also adjust fuel pressure calibrations as per requirement.

Benefits of Remapping

The following are some benefits that remapping can offer. You’ll notice these changes while you drive your car after getting a remap.

  • Better throttle response
  • Eliminate flat-spots and provide even power delivery
  • Improved torque and power
  • Increased MPG that can reduce carbon foot-prints

Is Remapping Safe?

Remapping is absolutely safe and a secure process. This is a safe modification that can improve your engine’s performance. However, you should remap your car from a reputable company and professional technicians. Another thing that you should know is that remapping benefits depend on makes and models. No two cars are the same and hence, the performance improvement ratio may vary.

Effect of remapping on MOT

Remapping does not affect MOT and we haven’t seen any proof either. The effects of remapping on MOT is nothing but a myth. You may have heard it from a so-called MOT expert or a mechanic. But the truth is that MOT has nothing to do with remapping.

Bottom Line

Remapping your car is a great decision if you need more power. It is not linked to any MOT checkup or inspection. The only point that has something to do with remapping is fueling. Improved fuel ratios may affect emission ration but only theoretically. Remapping actually improves fuel burning and has no effects on MOT.

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