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What is the DNA testing Cost in India? Where Can I get the best price for a DNA test in India?

A DNA test cost may depend on various factors, like the usage, complexity, time, and the number of samples involved. It is best to approach a NABL certified company for an accredited DNA test at a reasonable price.

We will be guiding you through the various types of tests, their prices, and why a given DNA test price varies from the other?

Types of DNA Tests and the DNA Test Prices (approximate)

Peace of mind tests

  • Paternity (no maternal involvement) – 14000 INR
  • Paternity (with maternal involvement) – 21000 INR
  • Maternity – 14000 INR
  • DNA test for Child Swap in Hospitals – 14000 INR
  • Siblingship – 21000 INR
  • Avuncular test – 21000 INR
  • Grandparent test – 23000 INR
  • mt DNA Analysis – 29000 INR
  • YSTR Analysis – 29000 INR
  • Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity 10 week onward – 110000 INR (Test cost)
  • Infidelity – 21000 INR
  • Identification Profiling – 9000 INR

Tests with Chain of Custody

  • Paternity (without mother) – 28000 INR
  • Paternity (with mother) – 35400 INR
  • Maternity – 28320 INR
  • Siblingship – 35400 INR
  • Avuncular test – 35400 INR
  • Grandparent test – 35400 INR
  • mt DNA Analysis – 35400 INR
  • YSTR Analysis – 35400 INR
  • Immigration DNA Test – 42480 INR
  • Identification Profiling – 17700 INR

Other Tests

  • GPS Origins Ancestry Test – 17000 INR (Test Cost)
  • ***** Transplant DNA test – 25000 INR (Test Cost)
  • Cell line Authentication for any cell line – 14000 INR

* The DNA test prices mentioned above are approximate prices and are subject to change.

Best DNA Testing Laboratory with Fair DNA Test Price in India

DNA Forensics Laboratory is one of the best and a leading company offering accredited DNA tests under one roof at reasonable cost of DNA test. We, DNA Forensics Laboratory Pvt. Ltd., are offering the best services at a competitive DNA test Price in India.

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DNA Test Cost in India
DNA Test Cost in India at DFL

The following reasons make us one of the best and most trusted DNA testing companies in India.

  • NABL accredited.
  • Highly qualified scientists and technical staff for DNA analysis and tests.
  • Rigorously trained and well-versed customer support team for quick and easy resolution of your query.
  • 400+ collection centers with an easy sample collection facility.
  • Home-collection facility and sample collection kits available online.
  • Express services with the second day and same-day reporting facility (T&C apply).
  • Only Indian Laboratory for legal DNA tests.
  • Confidentiality of the test reports.

Call on +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp on – +91 9213177771 to book a DNA test for yourself at affordable DNA test Price in India.

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