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Discover The Natural Beauty Of Makeup

03.18.2006 · Posted in Beauty Articles

If you can feel good about yourself by enhancing your looks, you will find more joy and confidence in your life.

Tip: Never underestimate a good healthy and wholesome diet. Beauty from the inside out.

Tip: The older you are, the less makeup you should use. Prep your skin with moisturizer. Identify some problem areas you may have. Don’t use too much of anything.

Best eye make up concealer: The best eye make up concealer will depend on what you want to conceal.As the word suggests, an eye make up concealer performs the dual role of acting as a foundation and also hiding those blemishes which can be found in the vicinity of the eye. Key spots for concealers: wrinkles, dark circles,blemishes.

Face make up powder brush: Here are some of the most common used makeup brushes.Powder brush, blush brush, eye contour brush, eye blending brush, eye liner brush, brow brush and lip brush.

Beautiful new lip makeup colors:
Moisturizing satin colors for spring…that treats lips to the care they need. With a true, full-color satin finish. There are so many spring lip makeup colors available. Search for the perfect one that fits YOU. Don’t be shy. Be daring. Be bold. Be beautiful. But learn to do so with syle.

Eye makeup primer-gel creamer remover:
Make sure that the remover is good for contact lens wearers.Choose a brand that is well know for it’s quality. You only have 1 set of eyes.Choose one that gently removes eye makeup without irritation. And one that leaves no greasy residue.

Beautiful eye make up color:
The Two-color design: This is the most common, practical eye design. Approach this design by applying the lighter color to the eyelid and the deeper color from the crease up to the brow, or you can apply the deeper color to the lid and the lighter color from the crease to the brow. Generally speaking, the under-eyebrow color should be a shade or two darker than the lid color. You do not want it to be a distinctly different color, just a different shade.

Makeup brushes or cosmetic brushes are a necessity in the application of blush or powder. Make up professionals have stated that a good makeup brush is a beauty secret and is akin to what a good set of knives are to a chef. The biggest makeup hazard is caused by a bad makeup brush.

Lip Gloss Tip:
Instead of using lip gloss that doesn’t last long enough, rub a thick layer of petroleom jelly (e.g. Vaseline) onto your lips and around them. This is great for winter as well because it prevents chapping and cold sores.

The best concealers cover dark circles and can be used as a scar & tatoo concealer because of its thickness. The best concealers can also be used for skin & ****** blemishes providing you find one that matches your skin tone.

The purpose of mascara is to emphasize the lashes and the lashline, which gives an impression of bigger eyes. Even if your makeup style is on the light side, it’s a good idea to make your eyes more present, particularly if you are very fair. If you want to be discreet, choose brown; if you want more intensity, select black; and if your taste fluctuates with the moods of fashion, then decorate your lashes with a color. For photographs, film or stage, it is very common to add false eyelashes for a stronger effect.

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