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Discover how to cut sugar from your diet?

04.01.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

Sugar is ever prevalent in our diets – ranging from high sugar content in processed food to fast foods. It can be a challenge to cut sugar from your diet, but the health benefits itself is worth the effort. When blood sugar levels are constantly high, the chance of getting diabetes is increased. Diabetes has its own complications which in turn affects our general health. Hence, this article will explore the age old question of how to cut sugar from your diet?nnIt is important to take note of the various healthy food groups. Being aware of the healthy food groups help to make better food choices, even helping to draw up your own healthy snack menu. It is far better to snack on low-sugar, low-fat foods such as fruits or vegetables. nnSugar substitutes can present as an excellent alternative to using sugar. Viable substitutes include using naturally available spices to sweeten your food. There are various spices that can be used for this function; they include ******, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and so on. In addition to being able to sweeten up food, they also give it a unique flavor. For a more refreshing taste, you may even consider using a combination of those spices. nnA tried and tested method of cutting down on sugar is to use artificial sweeteners. The use of artificial sweeteners has helped in the food and beverage industries, as they are marketed as no-sugar drinks. An interesting fact is that artificial sweeteners can even be used for relishes and pickles, but this is provided you have the right recipe to make it. nnFurthermore, snacking is a habit that unknowingly increases your daily sugar intake as well. Substituting regular chips and dips with toast and sugar-free jam can help to lower sugar intake. Fresh fruits are also good methods of snacking as they are refreshing and healthy too.nnIt has been noted that sugar contains calories, sometimes more than what you need. High levels of consumption will eventuate to gaining weight. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight predisposes one to many medical conditions. Therefore, there is much sense in trying to cut sugar from your diet.nnAchieving sugar reduction is very important. A healthy level of sugar intake will maintain a person?s physical and emotional health. It is normal to have a little sugar in our diets for normal body functions, but excessive levels are dangerous for our health. Diabetes, high blood pressure and various heart problems may come along with high levels of sugar consumption.nnLastly, a way to curb sugar intake is by limiting the serving portions of snacks and sweet sugary food. Products which come in single served have been designed to help with this issue. Ice cream, brownies and cakes can be enjoyed in small quantities, but rarely in high amounts due to the long term health risk involved. Therefore, it is a good practice to take note of your food habits and stick to a plan to help cut sugar from your diet. Visit for more relevant information about low sugar diet.

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