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Discover Some Historical Structures with Your Spain Holidays

09.10.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking
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Spain is a country with its major portion located in the European continent and other parts as the archipelagos of the Canaries and the Balearic. Spain has diverse landscapes, which give you several places to explore during your time spent in this part of the world. There are mountain ranges of Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, the beautiful plains of Andalucia, snow-capped peak of Sierra Nevada, and many other natural wonders that are worth exploring. If you’re someone who is interested in history, Spain offers some interesting insights into its past with some of the ancient ruins and majestic old structures.

During your Spain holidays, you’ll certainly be delighted to visit some old buildings and the most prominent among them were designed by Antoni Gaudi. His creations have become major landmarks of Spain over the years and attract plenty of visitors from different corners of the world. One of these structures is a church called Sagrada Familia, which is also known as the Holy Family Church of the Atonement. The construction of this church is yet to be completed and is considered among the most unconventional European churches. One of the best aspects of Antoni Gaudi’s designs is that they appeal even to those who don’t know a thing about architecture.

You’d also like to visit the Alhambra palace, which was built as a pleasure palace when the region was under the occupation of the Moors. This royal palace belonged to the Nasrid dynasty and is a major highlight of the Islamic period in Spain when the present-day Andalucia was called Al Andalus. While exploring this palace complex, you’ll come across several buildings, gardens, towers, walls, and a mosque. However, most of the visitors find the ceilings lined with tiles and the intricate stone carvings more attractive than the other elements of the buildings.

While holidaying in this European country, don’t forget to visit the Guggenheim Museum located in Bilbao. It is an amazing combination of shapes that seem lively and fascinating. The museum was created using limestone blocks and titanium sheets by one of the prominent American architects, Frank Gehry. It gave this museum a modern look and also gave birth to two contemporary terms, such as ‘architourism’ and ‘The Bilbao Effect’. While getting around in this museum, you’ll find awe-inspiring collections of modern art displayed in various sections as well as some travelling exhibitions. Ever since this museum was created, Bilbao has been attracting many admirers of modern art.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising the Seville Cathedral, the Alcazar, and the La Giralda Tower would be another place worth exploring during your holiday in this fabulous country. You’ll find a vast interior space in the Seville Cathedral and an altar comprising carved statues that measures about 37 metres and has a gold covering. La Giralda was formerly a minaret and a part of the Great Mosque built centuries ago. The Moors had begun building the Alcazar in the 8th century, but its construction continued even when this part of Spain came under the rule of the Christian King, Pedro.

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