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Dirty Blue Widgets

11.14.2008 · Posted in Internet Marketing

Dirty Blue Widgets is a recent keyword phrase created by a group of well-seasoned internet marketing and SEO experts in a bid to test the wits of their students concerning their newly acquired MMO skills. For one person to take such an obscure search term to the top of the godfather of search engines is Childs play but when an army of competitive cyber athletes pit their skills against each other a little digital blood is sure to be spilled. Despite having relatively abundant knowledge regarding the workings of search engine optimization the rules and regulations of such a contest would have made an SEO expert quiver in their shoes a mere decade ago.rnSo how are so many common folk gaining such advanced wisdom which in the past was seen as some kind of mystical comprehension available only to an elite few? There are a number of reasons why this fore inaccessible information has gradually become the trivia of the public domain, the biggest factor being the ease at which people in western society can plug into the internet. A strong downturn in the world economy has led to job losses and employment scarcity forcing large numbers of citizens to seek new sources of income. The pans and rocker boxes carted toward California in the gold rush era have become keyboards and mice, as often ignorant fortune seekers wade through the rivers of online data hoping to be the next lucky prospector. But those who have worked this territory for a while know that there is no easy money in cyber space and the terrain is rich in fools

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