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Different Shades Of Roses And Their Meanings

12.20.2019 · Posted in Gifting Articles, Other Articles

Why we choose red roses when we have something to say to the one we love? The reason is that a red rose speaks the love silently in a language known only to the heart. And that is why they are used most in the season of Valentine’s week. From ancient times to now, red roses have been playing a significant role in making your love-life happier. Thus, we can say that “The Secret Of Happiness Is Red Rose.” 

The custom of giving red roses now has become a sweet language of love. But beyond these red roses, there are many roses in different shades which speak different meaning and beauties. Do you know those meanings? We know most people only know about red roses, and we are here to let you know about the different shade of roses and their meanings. Those who want to send flowers to Gurgaon for their loved ones first read this article and then make a purchasing decision.

White Roses: 

white roses

What do white roses mean? They have always been a symbol of purity, innocence, and youthfulness. White roses are also known as bridal roses because of their association with young love and eternal loyalty. They are also often given at weddings and other ritual occasions like christenings, promotions, and graduations. However, they can also be given as a sign of honor, respect, or remembrance. And giving white roses is the best way to say “I’m thinking of you.” So, whenever you miss someone send white roses are the appropriate choice. 

Pink Roses:

Pink roses symbolize femininity, gratitude, elegance, grace, refinement, joy, and sweetness. But they also have additional meanings depending on their shades. A light pink rose conveys gentleness, grace, and happiness while a deep pink rose can express gratitude, recognition, appreciation, and is the best way to say “thank you. A pale pink rose indicates gentleness, especially when given for more sympathetic occasions, whereas medium pink roses are used for all sorts of events. If someone has helped you, give him/her a white rose as welcome.

Orange Roses:

orange roses

Orange roses indicate passion enthusiasm, making them a creative replacement for Valentine’s Week and other events when people typically purchase red roses. Orange rose is the best way to say I’m proud of you” with its meaning of praise or admiration. They also convey the romance but not as much as a bouquet of red roses. Beyond this, the beautiful blend of red and yellow, orange rose to symbolize a young romance or one in its early steps, especially if that love derived from friendship first. Once you know the meaning of different rose colors, you can confidently send to your beloved a bouquet that matches your feelings.

Yellow Roses: 

In ancient times, the yellow roses have different meanings than they do today. Then they symbolized jealousy; now, yellow roses symbolize or represent friendship, care, and joy. If you present these roses to someone, it means you wish him/her to brighten their day! Never send yellow roses to the one you are interested in romantically, as this can be a sign to stay in the friend zone. And sending yellow roses to your friend is a kind way to show you were missing them. These are also known for optimism! 

Purple Roses: 

Though purple roses are not nearly as familiar, they symbolize adoration and fascination. They are often associated with glory, royalty and were often given to kings and queens.

Deep purple roses are a great floral option to send for a happy celebration or occasion that makes the recipient feel extraordinarily special. Lavender roses are novel yet stunning that can make a quite yet classic statement. The pretty meaning of this rose is “love at first sight.” So, if you have a secret crush on someone or he/she grabbed your heart, lavender roses are the best option to make them feel your feelings.
Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers nature gives us! Now you know each rose shade’s meaning we mentioned above, you can create the perfect rose bouquet that expresses perfectly what your heart feels. Search the best online flower delivery In Mumbai and grab the best rose arrangements, available in every color.

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