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Determining the Perfect Engine Oil for Your Application

06.30.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Many people don’t realize that each oil is unique and that there truly is a difference in quality and performance between each different oil or brand. They do NOT all offer the same benefits and drawbacks to the consumer. Once an individual finally realizes that there IS a difference, they often begin a quest of epic proportions to find “the one” that will best protect their vehicles and/or equipment. I hope, within this article and some subsequent follow-ups, to help guide an individual through that process of finding the right oil for their application.nnLegendary Lubrication DreamlandnnUnfortunately, as vehicle and equipment owners seek out their “ultimate oil”, they often make the misguided assumption that there is one particular oil or brand of oil that is best for everyone. They are in search of some legendary lubrication dreamland that simply doesn’t exist.nnDespite the attempts of of oil companies or distributors to imply otherwise, it is not at all possible for ANY single brand of oil to perfectly fit the bill for every application, no matter how wide the product range may be. There will ALWAYS be certain applications and situations which require a switch to a different brand. As an example, even though AMSOIL, NEO and Redline are of much higher quality than many other motor oil brands, NONE of them can meet the needs of all applications.nnThat is why it is so critically important that an individual come to an understanding of the exact lubrication needs of THEIR application before it will be possible to find their best oil. Once the needs are known, it’s time to learn a bit about motor oil so that you’ll know which lubrication characteristics will be most important for meeting those needs. Then you simply need to find the oils that offer the best of those characteristics.nnOnly by following this pattern can you really make an educated decision regarding what oil will be able serve the needs of your application(s) and keep your vehicles and equipment running well in the long term. nnThe oil selections made (synthetic, blend or petroleum, 10w40 vs. 15w40, CJ-4 or CI-4) are likely of little importance, no matter what any oil distributor tells you, except in the sense that the choices made should be those that will best meet the needs of your application. As long as they meet these needs, it really will not much matter what oil or brand you decide to use.

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