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Designing Twin Baby Shower Invitations

11.02.2009 · Posted in Family Articles

Twins are once in a lifetime for many parents so the whole birthing process, from the baby shower to the birth, must be as special as the baby itself. And one of the biggest parts to making the baby shower special are the baby shower invitations. Not only will it be the mother-to-be’s first and most likely only pair of twins, but it’s also probably the only the only twin baby shower that the guests will ever get the chance to come to. For this reason, it is especially essential that every aspect of the celebration is as thoughtful and special as possible, even the invitations.nnGoing about planning the whole baby shower can be a tasking effort — and at times you can get so wrapped up in other things that you entirely forget the smaller things such as invitations for the celebration. While sending out invitations is a given and is entirely expected, keeping in mind that the mother-to-be will be having twins could slip your mind in the small period of time you are designing the invitations.nnIf the party has a theme, it is a good idea to have the twin baby shower invitations work with that theme. While the obvious predominant theme is a baby shower, the shower that your planning may have a different theme. If you plan to have a large amount of flowers at the shower, having a few flower designs on the invitation would work as well. If the soon-to-be mother has openly announced their genders, having them printed on the invitations with her permission is a nice touch as well.nnIt’s important to make the twin baby showers as special as you can, even if you have not decided on a theme for the shower. You can do this through specialized and customized invitations that have a unique design and even special paper. The more unique and memorable the invitations are, the more special they will feel to anyone they are sent to and the mother-to-be.nnParty favors are a big part of tying the celebration together as well. If you are going to be giving out favors to guests, a clever way to put a twist on things is to make the favors and the invitations match themes. If you do this, the shower does not have to have an elaborate theme or scheme to it and both the party favors and the invitations will become treasured memorabilia.nnThe invitations are just a big of a part of planning a successful party as any other part of the process. Though they may seem like minor details, you should make them them unique and full of memories so that everyone remembers and cherishes the twins that are getting ready to come into the world. Make a special event that much more special with high quality twin baby shower invitations. Everyone will love them, and the mother to be will be the most appreciative of all.

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