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Defect Tracking Requirements of Test Tools Working with V-model

09.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

The v-model is structured such that the development and testing phases are carried out parallel. Since the output of every testing phase goes as the input to the next development phase, all the errors and bugs are removed at the initial stage itself. Since this method is carried out for every module, the software product that is developed is created with very high quality. This structured design makes it one of the popular models to be followed by software organizations across the globe.nnSuch a methodology requires testing tools that are able integrate well into the existing process, so that the project is able to realize timely deliveries of the modules, and eventually get the product delivered on time. The test tool should be able to maintain rigor in the test process so that multiple test cycles of system, acceptance and integration testing can be carried out efficiently.nnThe test tools need to provide efficient defect tracking capabilities. This will help every testing phase to be carried out efficiently, so that the products are delivered error/bug free to the next development phase. The test automation tools need to cater to multiple test requirements and be able to generate defect metrics for all of them. This will enable the test team leads in resource management and faster generation of reports/metrics, as opposed to the old way of report generation. nnThere are other test tools like JIRA or BUGZILLA that are used by many test teams. A test automation tool should be able to integrate with them and work collectively to generate test metrics. These metrics help to identify flaws in the working of the test teams and aid in enhancing the efficiency of the teams.nnIt is imperative for all software companies to use efficient and reliable test tools that can maximize the output of their testing groups.nnA reliable test automation tool needs to provide the following benefits. 1. It should be able to accelerate time-to-market software products. 2. It should be able to enhance the product quality. 3. There should be provision for simple deployment and easy usage. 4. It should provide efficient test management process that can control costs and enhance productivity.

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