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Dayhaps – Free Online Calendar App for All

04.30.2019 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Dayhaps best online free calendar app available on App store , Play store as well as for web user, this app helps you to run your life smoothly and help to increase productivity on work.

This app is developed for all, it works for family, for business person , individual person. Its bright UI and rich features makes it simple to use app for everyone and refereed as best shared calendar app.

Dayhaps is comes with rich features such as share calendar with others, create multiple calendars, set custom alerts, sent alerts for upcoming events, important meetings etc.

Dayhaps available for users in more than 7 languages. This app very simple to use, user can share calendar in single click with others and always stay updated.

Some important features of Dayhaps:

• Create calendars for groups and personal use.
• Make a shared calendar in less than a minute.
• Filter calendars in a beautiful designed calendar view.
• All participants of a shared calendar will stay up to date from events in the group calendar.
• Invite family, friends or anyone else to a group in a single step.
• View which group members are attending events and RSVP.
• Reminders and notifications from activities.
• View events only if you are going using the quick filter.
• It’s fast and easy to manage a calendar. All group participants can do it.
• Calendars have different colors and you can add personalized images to the calendars.

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