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Dave Espino You Decide ?

09.14.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

It’s time to go back and see what’s new with Dave Espino.nn Well it seems as if Dave Espino has lived up to what I posted in my first review on him.nn Looks like Dave Espino has gone from selling you an e-book on how to get rich on eBay to trying to get you to set up your own web site and “make it big” to the tune of $5,000.00.nn Read what “Nick” from L. A. has to say.nn Nick from Los Angeles, CA May 13, 07nnDave Espino is a big scam artist. I fell victim to his useless product about getting rich selling on EBAY a few months ago. It was only a way for Dave to try to sell more useless services. His people would not stop calling me trying to convince me to spend $5000 more to set up my own website and supposedly make it big. When I refused to listen to their sales pitch they got furious and called me names. These people are nothing but scam artists!nn The one thing I do know about sales, of any kind, is that you have to have a product. A GOOD PRODUCT!nn Any product that is a piece of “crap” will not get you the Happy Customer you want.nn Why do you want a happy customer? As I said a Happy Customer will tell their friends about the great whatever they bought at a good price. nn After reading what “Joseph” from Carlsbad has to say Dave Espino needs to find out about “Happy Customers” and how they can help you, the seller. nn Dave Espino also needs for know just how much “Unhappy Customers” can hurt you, the seller.nn Of course that’s only if Mr. Espino really cares about you except as a means to increase his bank account.nn Dave Espino is just one more of the on-line Guru’s who has come up with a package or program to sell you that if you had taken your time and did a little research you could have found either online or in a librarynn The gentleman below has taken the time, that anyone who is interested in making money online should do, to search the internet and has found that Dave Espino is just trying to take your money and could not care less if you make a dime.nn Uwe Ahlgrimm from Carlsbad, CA still part of the USA Oct 10, 08nn Like most of the Scammers , Dave targets the blue colour crowd, people struggling and looking for a straw. His presentation is basic, repetitive and gradually entices to go one step further by promissing a bucket of gold at the end of having handed him hundreds of $. He offers no real solutions, no body needs his E-Bay advise as it is free for the asking and the State will walk anybody through a business reg. Free!nn His type of listing service can be accessed Free on, it beats anything on the Internet, product services are available through National service providers, Free in the local Library! Trade shows are cheap and a good source for a business minded person.nn The only thing that sets Dave apart, is that he does not operate from UTAH or Florida ,were most of the Scammers call home. Want advise , go to your local Library and do not answer any call from an 801 area code, you will regret it! To build a business one has to learn the art and the Internet offers a lot of legitimate advise, if it sounds easy =scam.nn Dave Espino, if you read this I have two questions I would like you to answer. Does your mother know what you do to make money? If so, is she proud of you?

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