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Data Security Tools That Can Be Used for Education

08.24.2020 · Posted in Security Articles
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Data Security Tools

Cybersecurity software has lots of security features. By using these security features, it protects the data from the malware attacks. Lots of data security tools are available on the internet. In these tools, some are free and some are paid. In the free tool, you will find limited features. On the other hand, in the paid tool, you will get lots of advanced features. While using a tool for the security of your data, you should check its features. The main features of a data security tool are regular scanning, automatic updates, two-factor authentication and single log-on etc. Here, we will discuss the best data security tools that can be used for education.

  1. CIS:

CIS stands for Center for Internet Security. It is providing an ideal cybersecurity solution for small and large educational institutes. This tool is available in the form of a SecureSuite. It means that it is providing various cybersecurity services and tools for its users. It has also lots of CIS benchmarks and CIS controls. Educational institutions can use this tool to secure their systems. This tool is providing Incident Response Services to the users. It is also providing 24/7 Security Operations Centers to the users. If you are facing any kind of security issue on your website, you can contact their customers’ representatives. It is providing lots of offers to users. By using these offers, users can easily secure their organization’s data. They can also prevent their websites from the threats.

  • Teramind:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is known as one of the best cybersecurity systems in the market. Educational institutions can also use this software to analyze the performance of their teachers. They can also use this tool to enhance the security of the online accounts of their teachers. If you are using this tool, it will automatically detect the suspicious behaviour in the systems. As a result, it can save your system from the data loss. Lots of government and private educational institutions are using this tool to enhance the security of their data. Another quality of this software is that it can also detect malicious behaviour on your website. It also monitors threats on your website. This tool is ensuring the security of the users based on the users’ perspectives. Along with educational institutions, some other institutions are also using this tool to enhance the security of their data.

  • Barkly:

Barkly is offering a simple management system for education websites for reliable protection. For this reason, it is using the smartest technology. It is protecting the websites against all the intents and vectors. To ensure the security of the websites, it is providing lots of features to the users. The most important security features of this tool that are ensuring the security are blacklisting, whitelisting and endpoint management etc. It is providing the various levels of security features to the developers. With the help of three-level architecture pattern, it is allowing visibility into various levels.

  • Intruder:

It is the best security tool for the small to large educational websites. It is a paid software. Its three pricing plans are available. Anyhow, you can also use its free plan for 30 days. You can use this tool as a cloud-based vulnerability security scanner. By using this tool, you can easily find out the cybersecurity weaknesses in your educational website. This is also the best tool to save your website from costly data breaches. This tool allows users to perform unlimited scans. You can also scan unlimited user accounts.

  • Malwarebytes:

You can also use this tool for the protection of small to large educational websites. Anyhow, you can also use this tool to protect your website. By using this tool, you can protect your website against malware and ransomware websites. It is also the best tool to protect your website against those vulnerabilities that can not be detected by antivirus software. To protect the websites from the malware attacks, it is offering a wide range of tools. You can also use this tool to clean up the infected devices.

  • Mimecast:

It is a cloud-based cybersecurity tool. This tool is providing cloud services for the protection of emails and cyber resilience. To ensure the security of the websites, it is providing various products and services. The most important products and services of this tool are information protection, cloud archiving and threat protection etc. It has also some essential features that allow education websites to prevent data loss. Users can also use this tool to protect their websites against malicious web activity. The educational institutions can also ensure the security of their emails, files and other data by using their security tools.

  • Snort:

It is the best tool for the protection of the small to medium-sized educational websites. It is not the best tool to ensure the security of large websites. The most important benefit of this tool is that it is an open-source tool. You can use this tool for network intrusion prevention. You can use this tool for real-time packet analysis. This tool is also providing an opportunity for packet logging for the websites. You can also use this tool against the firewall protection. It will protect the data of your website by working behind the firewall protection.

  • Wireshark:

It is a free tool. The educational websites can use this tool freely by ensuring the security of their websites. To ensure the security of the educational websites, it is providing a standard and three-pane packet browsers. You can use this tool to analyze the vulnerabilities in your website. Its services are available online as well as offline. The educational websites can get benefits from the deep analysis of these websites over hundreds of platforms. The display features of this tool are also amazing for the users. You can also use this tool for decompressing the files. For the decryption of the educational websites, this tool is supporting various protocols. The most important benefit of this tool is that it provides a deep analysis of what is happening on your website.

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