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Dads are ruining (improving) people’s Spotify Wrapped data with their dad music

12.05.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Dads are ruining (improving) people's Spotify Wrapped data with their dad musicSpotify Premium isn't free, so it makes sense that family members share accounts. When it's Spotify Wrapped season, though, giving Dad free rein on your account can wreak havoc on your Top Songs list. As people post screenshots of their Wrapped data this week, the folks who share their account with Dad are adding extremely funny qualifiers to their tweets. No, they did not listen to Lamb of God for 18 hours. The person who did that was, in fact, their father. The trend is a funny side effect of Wrapped's cultural clout in recent years. The annual rollout has transformed from a fun activity that pops up every December to an earnestly felt measure of one's experiences. If your dad's affecting your Wrapped lists — even if you don't actually care — you gotta bring it up. Can't muddy the waters of your online personality! (I'm not exempt from this: A few years back, I didn't even post my Wrapped data because my little sister had listened to so much Taylor Swift on my account. And I like Taylor Swift!) Read more... More about Spotify, Social Media, Culture, Music, and Web Culture

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