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Cut Your House Cleaning Time In Half By Using An Easy Routine

11.14.2011 · Posted in Other A&E Article

What if I were to provide you with a simple routine that will make it very easy to clean rooms that you will hardly need to spend any real time cleaning the kitchen or bathroom? rnrnGive these ideas a go…rnAfter dinner, scrape off and rinse all the dishes then put them into hot soapy water or into your dishwasher. Empty all of the pans and put hot soapy water in to the bottom of them (unless your dishwasher happens to do a great job on pans). If you’re making use of the dishwasher – turn it on. rnrnNow go and do something like taking a walk, read a book or Magazine, perform some exercises. When you come back, the dishes will wash a lot more easily. Before you drain out the water, wipe down the counters, stove and range-hood using the same water. This only takes 2 minutes. rnrnRotate wiping down the microwave, fridge, cabinets, and ******* bin, just do a different one each week. Use Oil Soap, or something similar on wood cabinets. Don’t worry about scrubbing, just a quick wipe down is good enough. If you perform these easy tasks as a daily regime, you won’t need to scrub hard to wash off any build up – it will now just be a quick wipe up. rnrnOK, now the bathroom. Keep a squeegee in your shower. Squeegee the walls each time you have finished showering. Also remember, whenever you’re finished showering, take a bath wipe, or a paper towel and glass cleaner (keep them handy in the bathroom) and wipe down the sink and toilet. Just a simple wipe down. Dispose of the wipe and get to bed! rnrnOnce a week – wipe down the walls and bath using a bath cleaner, clean the toilet and clean the floor. Shine things up with some glass cleaner to provide it a professionally-cleaned look. It still should not take you in excess of 10 minutes. rnrnA lot of people insist on making this a serious project. If you do that, you’re missing the whole point of this article. Quick wipe ups – don’t waste time – have a quick wipe up and get out!rnrnThe difficulty of how to clean a mattress comes up fairly often, especially if you

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