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Crime Doesn’t Pay for 2 Bank Robbers

04.14.2010 · Posted in Finance Articles

In Brussels, Belgium, a bank robbing duo used an overabundance of explosives to ***** open an ATM machine and were killed. They not only blew themselves up but took half the bank with them. Law Enforcement Officers located the perpetrators among the rubble. One victim had identification papers from Kosovo. The explosion took place in a town called Dinant which is a town just about 90 kilometers southeast of Brussels.rnAt 3:20 a.m. police arrived at the Record Bank. Residents reported a loud blast that demolished a great part of the structure. It didn’t take long for the police to make it to the scene where they found half the building in pieces. They immediately noticed one victim. Apparently he had expired shortly after the incident from head injuries but the second victim wasn

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