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Creative Things To Do With Your Photos

09.06.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Maybe you are just looking for a way to show case some of your favorite photos or maybe you want to find the perfect present for a loved one or friend. Either way, it is time to explore all of the options out there to make sure that you are able to find the perfect way to show off some of your favorite pictures, the beautiful, the funny and the amazing.nnIf you are looking for a way to display many different digital pictures, you can always have them organized into a calendar. This could be a calendar for yourself and you can even have some made for friends and family and give them as gifts. Grabbing a cute picture of your children and having it placed on a shirt, tote bag, coffee mug, or cup coasters is another great gift idea for friends and family. nnFor Christmas, many people like to take a digital picture of the family and have it placed on a tree ornament with a personalization of the family name and the year of the gift. This is a keepsake that will be treasured forever. If you enjoy spending a lot of time on the computer or know someone who does, then you might want to have a nice picture uploaded onto a mouse pad since the mouse pad gets used a lot.nnA very useful gift as the temperature gets cool is a fleece blanket, especially one that has been creatively decorated. Family and friends will appreciate warming up and will get a kick out of one with original pictures added. That way they or you can snuggle up with the ones you love when they are not there. nnLarge tote bags or photo key chains may be just the ticket for those always on the go. For people who like to cook or give the appearance they do a customized photo apron may give them a chuckle, for some laughs a the office a photo tie may generate some fun conversations when you have casual days at the office.nnIf you are looking for a way to make old fashioned gifts like puzzles or stuffed animals more interesting, try creating a customized photo puzzle or photo sweat shirt wardrobe. Then the choices are endless.nnThere are hundreds of application for your photos and the choices are endless. So the best thing to do is select the photos that have a special meaning to the recipient and place them on something that they can use or display. That way the person you are thinking about will feel the love and get the message your want to convey. nnNow that we have come up with some creative ways to showcase your photos, now the fun begins the process of selecting your first project and the photos you will use. Now time to get started looking through all the photos. That special gift giving time will be here in no time.

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