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Core Elements of TGROW Model

06.02.2011 · Posted in Persnl Development Articles

The essence of an effective and successful coaching relationship lies hugely on a productive coaching session. The use of a model helps in structuring a coaching session. TGROW is a coaching model which embraces all the core elements of an effective coaching session. TGROW is an acronym for Topic, Goal, Reality, Option and Way Forward/Wrap Up. In this model, the coach adopts use of effective questioning to better understand the focal needs of the client to devise the right means for progress and action. As Noble Manhattan Coaching and most other leading coach training organizations recommend an intuitive and non-directive coaching style which implies that intuition matters most in any coaching relationship, TGROW as a coaching model is a good starting point particularly for new coaches as it will help them gain confidence and also serves as an eye-opener for them as they dive into the world of coaching. rnIn fact this is a model that is used not only by Olympic coaches and teams worldwide but also by many police forces and military organizations.rnThe Core Elements of TGROW ModelrnTopic rnThis is the first stage in a coaching session. The topic/subject of discussion should be established. The ideas presented for discussion should be taken note of and in a situation whereby the client does not have ideas of what to discuss or is reluctant to open up, the coach through the use of judicious questioning techniques and active listening can aid the process towards clarifying and exploring the topic. Ahead of the client

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