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Container Homes can save you during Emergency Disasters

09.26.2019 · Posted in Business News Article

There have been many requests for international quotes since the earthquake in January 2010 in Haiti. On creating emergency shelters using shipping containers as the main building blocks, Companies are now doing an extensive amount of research and product testing. Taking the lives of thousands of people there are natural disasters all over the world.

In regards to the design and construction of the emergency shelter home there are two factors to consider when considering building alution container house as an Emergency shelter home in an area that is prone to earthquakes and hurricanes:

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Generally caused by flooding, the first is the susceptibility to water damage, and the resistance of the construction materials to wind damage is the second. The safety of a steel construction home becomes a high priority as most coastal countries are prone to tropical storms and hurricanes.

Water Damage – flooding and water incursion through damaged structures cause most damages incurred, immediately after and during a hurricane. In several ways, the chances of water damage are reduced by shipping container homes.

So that rains, driven by hurricane-force winds, are unlikely to breach the structure, the steel wall structures are inherently water tight most importantly. Based on their seaworthiness, and their design, these ISO shipping containers are both earthquake and hurricane proof.

They can withstand145 winds anchored and100mph winds unanchored.

As emergency shelters, these homes can be used in the beginning and then converted into offices and homes or in the future.

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These containers can replace the poor Haitian construction and also be stacked upon each other. Additionally, on an elevated and secure foundation, the emergency shelter shipping container home from alution container house manufacturer must be placed.

In locations away from areas prone to flooding, Emergency shelter homes are generally placed. However, during heavy rains, significant runoff can occur even in areas not normally susceptible to flooding. So it is very important to have the installation of the homes regarding land positioning and elevation.

On foundations that will exceed and generally meet the levels of protection needed in the foundation of the home, Emergency shelter shipping container homes are all placed. Unlike a concrete structure, the mostly steel construction will not be prone to fracturing or cracking. This leads to lower maintenance and longer life for your alution container house.

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Wind Damage – damages caused by high winds can also be severe while water damage far surpasses other forms of damage incurred from hurricanes. Incurred during hurricanes, there are generally two sources of wind damage. From the hurricane, it is the most obvious and first.

The wind speeds can reach upwards of 160 mph in a strong hurricane. However, tornadoes spawned by the hurricane caused the strongest winds associated with hurricanes. The winds from a strong tornado can cross 250 mph. Debris being hurled through the air results in a high percentage of the wind damage. When hurled at the velocities generated by a moderately strong tornado, experiments have shown that items, such as two-by-fours or small trees, can ********* the walls of a concrete block home.

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