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Congressman shuts down alt-right protester by … auctioneering?

09.05.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles
A Congressman drowned an alt-right protestor's interruption with his impressive auctioneering skills.  Conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed "investigative journalist" Laura Loomer interrupted Jack Dorsey's Congressional testimony to rail on the Twitter CEO for political bias. Selfie stick in hand — because if you're not livestreaming, are you really protesting? — Loomer begged Trump for help because according to her, "Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election."  But Rep. Billy Long wasn't having it. The Missouri Republican, who was a professional auctioneer before pursuing a political career, shut down her tirade with expert rapid-fire auctioneering. Read more... More about Twitter, Politics, Alt Right, Science, and Politics

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